soJin Chun is a Toronto-based artist working in photography, video and installation. Chun’s experience living in the Korean diaspora in Bolivia and Canada influences her work, which looks at the idiosyncratic moments of everyday life in its inconclusive and contradictory nature. By creating works that are whimsical, soJin pokes fun of her own personal location as situated within the Canadian systematic art world that categorize her as a female Asian artist and as an adopted member of the Latino arts community. Through artist residencies in Serbia, Bolivia, Brazil and Taiwan, Chun has developed a personal style of storytelling using humour to reveal complex social issues. Chun has participated in video screening and exhibitions in Bolivia, Brazil, France, Sweden, Germany, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan and the U.S. Her most recent accomplishments have included a solo exhibition at Tragaluz Digital in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain as part of Fotonoviembre, a Biennale photography festival; a solo exhibition at theAttic Gallery in the Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei, Taiwan.

Kadija de Paula, is a self-taught cook, hula-hooper and amateur open water swimmer with a background of more than ten years working as an administrator/artist in North and South America. Her practice focuses on the intersection between management and art as a tool for the creation of non-hierarchical networks of artists, researchers, and like minded creative people around the world. Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, Kadija is Agent Orange at Agência Transitiva ( an artist group with whom she experiments with food, words and modes of financing, supporting, and developing cultural activities that blur the borders of public and private spheres. As Agent Orange, she recently worked the þit, a bitcoin mine in Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany; piloted a Vegan Kochoperation at Chaostreff Dortmund, Germany; and was the co-translator of José Oiticica’s “Anarchist Doctrine Accessible to All” to be launched in English this October through WORD+MOIST PRESS at Villa Romana in Florence, Italy.

JUNE PAK was born in Seoul, South Korea, and now lives in Toronto, Canada. Her work investigates the currently limited methods of understanding ethnicity in the visual arts due to the universalization and institutionalization of “ethnic work.” By utilizing assumed functions of hyphenation, as to both connect and divide two (or more) entities, she is exploring different means to articulate visualization of ethnicity that resists the prescribed ethnic subject’s positioning in the current multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. Date April 20th, 2013

Under the direction of chef soJin Chun, Kadija and Jorge will collaborate in the preparation of a simple Korean meal consisting of rice, kimchi, japchae, and other banchan (small dishes that accompany a typical Korean meal) spiced up by the presentation of their works, followed by conversation and fermentation of ideas. Bring some wine or any drink of your preference.