Collective Araya Carrión:
The collective consists of Chilean artists Antonio Calibán Catrileo and Manuel Carrión Lira. Araya Carrión has developed artistic research projects, which are understood as a constant process that includes text, diagrams, video, performance documentation and material installation. They work within the framework of art as a political and action-based practice that can shape and comment on current political realities. Through an interdisciplinary approach, they explore social issues that are the embodied continuation of colonialism. Through a diversity of projects with different methodologies, they present a critical perspective derived from queer-feminist and decolonial theories examining materiality as a point of departure. Date: Wednesday May 3, 2017

Their current project takes place in Neltume, a community in southern Chile where they have collected photographic and material archives while collaborating with locals. Their archive includes samples from an 80-year old mountain of woodchips from a sawmill in this town, as a material witness to the transformation of this community through colonization and the complex political history of Chile.

Thanks to Araya-Carrion Collective ( Antonio and Manuel) for their thought-provoking talk and material (ist) critique of representation and how the sensible unfolds and forces us to think about non-human and human histories. The struggle of the Mapuche nation in Chile is a lot closer to all of us. Thanks to all who came in a short notice, and special thanks to Sojin and Alexandra who helped to put it together.