This face is projection and projector. Under capitalism, the projector works to reproduce the world as a series of commodities that have value only if they haven’t been consumed… The act of enjoyment even the enjoyment of each other for instances consumes the value conferred upon it by economic exchange and turn us into trash… How can I make a film or create a face, how can I project a face that can be digested but not consumed? From : WE MAKE COUPLES by Mike Hoolboom. Thank you to all you who came out last night and made it an exceptional event! And thanks for donations towards the Toronto Queer Film Festival. Great support!!!!. Date:Thursday July 20th, 2017

We Make Couples (57 minutes 2016). This Marxist love story asks: could the couple also be a form of resistance? Essay notes on marriage, microcinema, and the art of projection. With guest appearances by Occupy, Pussy Riot protesters, a runaway goat, two poodles, an army of street marchers, Mos Def, Frankenstein and cinema’s first kiss. Premiered in Rotterdam, winner best film award at Documentamadrid.

This evening is a fundraiser for the brashly bold Toronto Queer Film Fest which just wrapped up its successful second offering. Suggested donation is $10, and all proceeds will go to the festival, to continue their non-corp-sponsored movies/talks/workshops. ASAP