Laura Barrón, is a photo and video based artist and arts educator. Her work has been shown in various countries including Mexico, Canada, the United States, Japan, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Laura was born in Mexico City. In 2003 she moved to Toronto where she currently lives. Laura is part of the SNCA (National System of Art Creators) by FONCA-CONACULTA Mexico.Date: Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Her work uses an array of landscape forms—cities, seas, forests, deserts and other spaces—as a platform for transformation, altering the appearance of these places with the intention of exploring the different ways in which they shape our lives and memories and, conversely, the ways in which our actions, our memories and our gaze transform the landscape. All her landscape work relates to the experience of displacement, what it is that we constantly leave behind, and what we keep.

Last night, Laura Barron presented an in-depth look into the extensive and complex process of her photographic work. A fun & moving presentation. Thank you Laura & Jose for mediating a critical discussion of her work and participating in ConverSALóN. And thanks all of you that came and participated in this unique event.