Lina Rodríguez Vásquez lives and works in Cali, Colombia. She has a postgraduate degree in Media Arts from the National University of Córdoba, and is currently doing her Master’s Degree in Design and Interactive Creation at the University of Caldas. Lina’s artistic practice focuses on the aesthetic and historical dimensions of photo and film-based personal and institutional archives. Her work has been exhibited at international festivals and galleries in Colombia, France, Brazil and Spain. She is the co-director of the (bis) | oficina de proyectos, a gallery dedicated to contemporary art in Cali and is currently teaching at Cali’s Fine Arts School and at the Cinema programme at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente.


What I see in Lina’s work is traces residues remains and how the past keeps bending the present, sometimes, bending the present in ways that are not easily understood, because the past is covered up or the violence disguised or mascaraed as something also….the way I see your archive work functioning is, like the political work of memory and reclamation, somehow the history of spaces has been occupied in a different way….reframing the memory and bringing back the memory to those spaces. Segments- Mike Hoolboom

Thanks, Lina Rodriguez from Cali, Colombia for sharing her artwork, experience, and stories. Thanks to Lina Rodríguez Monroy, Julieta Maríafrom E-Fagia for sponsoring the talk and for the translation, and to all friends of converSalón who came.
Thanks to Spider our guest chef for his delicious invention.