Riaz Mehmood is a multidisciplinary artist who mostly uses video, photography and computer programming as his primary means of expression. Riaz is currently working on a project about the Khudai Khidmatgar movement (translation: “servants of God”, but it also means to serve people selflessly). This social and political movement was started by a Pashtun man known as Ghaffar Khan around 1920s-30s. In 2014, another non-violent, Pashtun-led movement in Pakistan gained traction and is now attracting more and more young Pashtun people. This group is not associated with any political party and they are demanding the whereabouts of people who went missing during military and intelligent agencies raids in Pashtun dominant regions. The state has completely censored this movement, but the group is successfully using social media to spread its message.


Thanks to all who came last night and joined Riaz Mehmood journey of re-collections of experiences, memories, ideas and dreams, encompassing history, and popular culture with aesthetics. And thanks to Riaz cooking with Master chef Spider the delicious food. It is all about sharing, getting together to exchange ideas, and create creative communities.