Angel Rueda is head programer of (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico – International Showcase of Independent Film, a unique annual event in Spain. Every year, the program brings together the most exciting avant-garde filmmaking from both the past and the current scene, with a focus on expanded cinema in all its forms. (S8) offers a meeting point for creators, film lovers, students, and professionals in a dynamic, comprehensive event where all the emerging, innovative film languages, tools, and supports are represented with the aim of asserting cinema as a strong and full of life art form.Their film literacy initiatives include creative workshops, film lectures, open talks, round tables, and masterclasses, all taking place within the dynamic framework of the festival – a place for encouraging dialogue and exchange with filmmakers from all over the world.


Selección 10 aniversario (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periferico. A Coruña (Spain)

Program title:

Arrebatados, cuándo el cine se sueña.

El programa realiza un recorrido por algunas de las representaciones históricas y contemporáneos más alucinantes del cine experimental y la creación artística cinematográfica en España y que ha formado parte directa o indirectamente de la programación del festival durante que este año celebró su 10ª edición.

– Fuego en Castilla / Fire in Castile (1958-1960). José Val del Omar. 18 min. Digital.

– Métamorphoses du Papillon / Metamorphoses of the Butterfly (2013). Pere Ginard. 5 min. Digital

– Cada cuatro fotogramas / Every four frames (2009). Alberto Cabrera Bernal. 1 min. Super 8. 18fps. Magnetic sound.

– Lua / Moon + Decalcomanía / Decal (2014). Miguel Mariño. 11 min. + 10 min. 16mm. 18fps. Sound

– Quiasma / Chiasm (2017). Tono Mejuto. 12 min. Digital

– Via Láctea / Milky Way (2013). Xisela Franco. 4 min. Digital