Who visits our dreams? These four new hybrid shorts by Toronto-ish artists explore hauntings, of love, of loss, of distance, where doc enigmas collide with poetic whispers. The forms of Whitecrow, Romvari, Khademolreza and Zhao may be distinct — from elegant looping narratives to fragments of auto-ethnography, from Freudian fable to staged verité — but their topics (variously urgent, variously personal) share a rueful honesty, a wry melancholy. Drawn from three different years of York’s Film MFA, these artists tip towards our Hogtown-ish tendency of unmoored migrations and unfixed addresses.In the last few years, Mullae-dong has faced gentrification and the city’s urban renewal projects. At the danger of losing the self-structured system that they built, a number of artists spearheaded a movement to sustain their independence and formed the Action for Mullae Artist Network. Among the community of artists, Park Ji-Won and Choi Rayun are two of the main organizers for the network.

Jamie Whitecrow, Dreams Untold, 7 min.

Sophy Romvari, Still Processing, 17 min.

Atefeh Khademolreza, Deja vu, 12 min.

Sabrina Zhao, Vicky I and Herself, 24 min.