RRibamar is a PhD candidate in Communication and Culture at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and a research trainee at York University (YorkU). He studies gender and sexuality in Brazilian popular culture, with a focus on the Reisado tradition. He directed the film “Tica, a Rainha do Reisado” (2019) and “Swords and Travest

On July 20 behalf of John Greyson and ConverSalon were delighted to present Ribamar Oliveira for an artist talk and screening of  “Tica, a Rainha do Reisado” (2019) and “Swords and Travesti” (2022).

He has written about PERFORMANCES AND PROSTHETICS, THE FEET: TECHNO-ORGANIC CIRCUITS OF THE EROTIC OF MALE BODY FRAGMENTS IN ONLINE PORNOGRAPHY and  Wooden cyborgs: technomitic desecrations of drag queen aesthetics in the popular religiosity of Cariri, Ceará and  Colombianization: pornoterrorism and worlds of death in Nadia Granados’ videoperformance.