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converSalon is proud to present DisseminActions, an ongoing series of screening with our second one called: ECVP Vol.07 – The Artist Agitator

The project is a unique video collaboration between artists from all over the world, inspired by the surreal method of creation of the “exquisite body”. Using this playful semi-blind and sequential playful method, the participants create video art in response to the last ten seconds of the previous member’s work. Each member is invited to incorporate these seconds into their room, until everyone’s vision is integrated into a final ” dead body Each artist questions, by different means, different trends, strategies, classification… The ECVP was introduced in 2008 by Brazilian artist Kika Nicolela and published 6 volumes. This highly collaborative project has so far had the participation of more than 100 artists from more than 25 countries. This seventh program is an augmented version of the one presented, on the proposal of Césaré (Centre National de musical creation – Reims) in complicity with Transcultures and the European Nursery of Creation, at FARway, the Reims Arts Festival, in February 2020 , on the theme of the agitator artist.

The artists:

 Wai Kit Lam, Claudia Vasquez, Héloïse Roueau, Ivelina Ivanova, Ulf Kristiansen, Sigrid Coggins, Gabriel V. Soucheyre, Per Eriksson, Alexandra Gelis, SoJin Chun, Simone Stoll, Anthony Siarkiewicz, John Sanborn, Laura Colmenares Guerra, Niclas Hallberg, Nia Pushkarova, Lucas Bambozzi, Marina Fomenko, jorge lozano, Natalia de Mello, Nung-Hsin Hu, kika nicolela

Let use this opportunity to create a bigger network of independent experimentalists and share ideas and thoughts. If you are interested in screening you own or have any ideas please contact us at: info@jorgelozano.ca