• Concepts are Events

converSalon is proud to initiate DisseminActions, an ongoing series of screening with our first one called: Concepts are Events

A collection of works of Toronto local video artists, and friends from Argentina, Venezuela, and Russia: film, video and sound. The works are ruptures of traditional narrative and whose destination is to takes us to a different sensory planes and presentations, a different way of making sense or no sense: dissensus… reframing the visible and the invisible, the audible and inaudible. Personal works, low budget, independent, deeply committed to conceptual, political, aesthetic and technical explorations and reinvention of new subjects and new epistemologies.

We invite you to initiate conversations with the artist presenting their work. Let use this opportunity to create a bigger network of independent experimentalists and share ideas and thoughts. If you are interested in screening you own or have any ideas please contact us at: info@jorgelozano.ca

In My Car
by Mike Hoolboom

Originally made at Charles Street Video in 1998, recut in 2018 at home. Part six of the nine-part feature Imitations of Life (2003). A poem wrapped around a brightly filmed portrait of childhood tells of a life spent in cars and a last race with the devil.

Awards at: Brno, Humbolt, Ann Arbor, Vancouver Videopoem Festival, Odense and Palermo International Festival of Videoart.

San Rafael
by Alexandra Gelis

Made in a single shot from a chance Laundromat encounter. The black eye of desire. Rafael offers a reaction shot to his street cruising efforts, and the unwanted fight that ensued. In his extravagant speaking he names himself as an archangel, his chest open so that the wings of his words can lift every ordinary encounter into a queer sublime.

Lenin Memorial Facade
by Alena Koroleva

Recorded in Lenin’s hometown of Ulyanovsk, workers reduce the face of a memorial to rubble, a deconstruction that produces the most unexpected kind of music.

Double Bewitched
by Rebecca Garrett

A road movie that shuttles between two screens and two countries: Canada and Zimbabwe. Where is here? The artist speaks in order to further the unravelling, the prying apart of layers, holding up each question like a light

Spider’s Zone
by Jorge Lozano

An avant-gardist’s home movie remake of Tarkovsky’s iconic Stalker. Newly reimagined as drone playground, southern Ontario’s snow blankness, land of genetically modified food farms, creates new sites for dislocation and uncertainty.

Botella 500
by Edgardo Moreno.

Man in Santiago Metro selling water bottles for 500 pesos.
Treated location sound.

Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost
by soJin Chun

soJin Chun combines characters appropriated from two Hong Kong films and digitally rotoscopes them into contemporary Super 8mm film footage shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Toronto, Canada. Pulled from their Hong Kong settings, these characters are recast as Koreans, playing with western perceptions of Asian identity. The ruptures and continuity of culture within diasporic communities frame these figures displaced in time, space, language, and culture.

by Lorena Salomé

A woman caught between two layers of reality. SEVERINE is a video made with sound and images from Belle de Jour by Luis Buñuel. 48 seconds from 5 scenes are cut and pasted to create a 2min 30sec piece.

by Claudio Caldini

Super 8mm film. An animated meditation. The slow rhythm of regular breathing determines an analogous rhythm in the image: the fugue of a candle flame toward a virtual infinity generated by a lens with variable focal length. Each appearance of this vector (successive fixed positions of the zoom) corresponds to an equivalent interval of darkness, an identical number of unexposed stills. An attempt at metric cinema. The position of the flame varies slightly with each successive apparition and the displacement seems to stop for just a few seconds in order to introduce alternating stills in reverse order.

Under the Light: The Film Resistance
by Madi Piller
35mm film
Biomorphic shapes at play in this film reiterate and expose the persistence of vision, frame flickering and illusions. The random cycling images question who is the projector and who is the projectionist, while light forms the sound frequencies. The images have been collected over the last 10 years, constructed from mushroom spore prints, directly printed on to 35mm film, then optically printed in black and white. Ultimately, the prints were colored by hand painting on the film material. The sound was made during a film performance with the deconstructed film elements shown through an overhead projector in Vienna on March 2016. A remix of the live sound recorded from a 16mm projector during the performance was kept and now constitutes the audio for the composite image.

Salar la tierra/Salting the earth
by Julieta Maria
Super 8mm

A series of shots of a single location, from a single camera position, where a performance takes place. The performance, a woman walking from different points of the frame into this space, is suspended and repeated by a succession of shots, which create a temporal and spatial displacement of the figure in the image. El Salado is a small town in the interior of Bolivar province, Colombia. In the camera’s view is an empty lot where the town soccer field was with the church in front of it. Seventeen years ago, this field was the site of a massacre of nearly one hundred people; villagers were held in the church. The paramilitary groups responsible are believed to have been aided by the military. El Salado was abandoned after the massacre, with some townspeople slowly beginning to return in recent years.

Trópico Desvaído
by Valentina Alvarado Matos

Maracaibo, Santa Bárbara del Zulia – Venezuela.
Barcelona, España.
S8MM, Telecine HD, Sonido.